About Us

At Little Locker, we wholeheartedly believe in blending the essence of comfort & style with colour & design to create clothing that honours the magic of childhood and the journey of growing up.

Our items are designed in Australia and made to be worn, played in and loved, through all seasons. We pride ourselves on creating quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

We are proud of not only our commitment to quality but also our dedication to ethical manufacturing practices. We work closely with our manufacturer who is located in the beautiful Island of Bali, Indonesia.
We take pride in being part of a family-owned operation that values and prioritises fair treatment of workers, safe working conditions, sustainable practices, and community involvement.

Every garment that bears the Little Locker label is crafted with love and care.
From playful prints to timeless classics, our collections are designed to inspire joy and confidence in children as they explore the world around them.
Join us on our journey to dress the next generation in style.

Thank you for choosing Little Locker.
Love, Emily (and my darling Jada girl)